How to work with database in Nextcloud

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Hello everybody, I’m new at Nextcloud. When I read the code of Nextcloud. I do not know how to nextcloud save my data, because I see only one thing in the code that they are using Interface to save data to database.

other question :

how to add or change column in Nextcloud ?
is it posible to have custom fiel for user table ?


The files are stored in folders /path/to/nextcloud/data/<username>/files and mostly other infos like shares, … are stored in the database.

To add something e.g. to the user, you can use Apps
And yes you can program your own apps.
Read repositories.

Perhaps first you read something about apps who add features e.g. to users.

Thanks , But I means how to work with database model . Like save , delete, remove, update , updateBath in Model

For example : where is function to save data. I have seen some functions in the controller, which are used functions in the interface.
eg: save data personal informaiton in the controller User.
function : setUserSettings
and update User’infor with : $userAccount = $this->accountManager->getAccount($user);

accountManager is just only function in the Interface.

However, I want to add some fields for User such as bank, Address, .etc.

Nextcloud does not have custom field like WordPress has all the details you’ll need.