How to use remote storage as primary storage





Hi, do you mean you want to mount the storage box via the external storage system in nextcloud - or first mount it directly on the serverand let nextcloud use it more like a local mount?

I think you get more flexibility with the latter, but not sure if Nextcloud will handle it . But you could try to mount it as smbfs or webdav on the server first and see if it works.

Performance wise I’m not sure which protocol is the best, but I guess webdav is more suitable, as nextcloud use it both for mounting other nextcloud servers and for client sync.

With that said, I also got a virtual server at Hetzner, but use the Cloud volumes instead of the storage boxes - the volumes are block devices so you can mount them directly on the server, just like a normal disk. So I upgraded my server to Hetzner cloud a while ago, also to get access to those volume boxes - they work much better IMO. So if you haven’t purchased/used the storage box yet, I would recommend to migrate to their cloud platform first and get a volume box instead.



Hi sounds great! I need the volume for some other data which needs direct ext4 access, but if the storage box works that well I will consider to get one and move the nextcloud data there - nice price indeed!