How to use nextcloud in a community

I already write a post but it was deleted or hidden and I didn’t understand why. I am planing to install nextcloud for a community.

That would be great if at the first page each member receive information or question like a forum. So I am looking an app or something that could be like a blog or forum like.

At that page we could read questions or remarks and everyone could reply or add remarks

How to do that. Idea or maybe that is impossible with nextcloud

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A forum is not (yet?) available for Nextcloud, but you could self-host one and show it in your Nextcloud instance via the “external pages” app. Setting up a way to sync user-accounts is requiring advanced an setup though (OAuth2 or similar).

The easiest, but rather simple would be to use the Announcement center app:
It allows admins to post messages and all users can write comments.

To have it as the first app to load you have to add and modify the following line to your config.php:
'defaultapp' => 'files',
I have not tried it myself, but I assume replacing ‘files’ with ‘announcementcenter’ should work.

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Because you’re creating duplicate topics:

As such, the others will be closed, and you can keep the conversation to this one.

Thank Krischan for your reply. I have to explore announcementcenter Maybe that will be enough.

I dupllicated it after it was hidden and because it was hidden. So I still don’t understand. Never mind I had my response I have to explore announdementcenter.

I installed announcementcenter and test it. The only problem I see is that only admin group are able to send announcement. I don’t want to give to all users admin. I am investigate how is it possible to give permission to an other. Group. I want that anybody can make announcement to every body.

Give a look to Circles and mood.

Maybe they can help you

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thanks for the advice. Yes it looks like a forum. Very simple but maybe enought for the need.

I have to check notification. If someone write a ‘mood’ I would like the other user receive kind of alert.

I didn’t find a way to delete or modify our own mood. that would be nice to have bigger textbox. Otherwise it could be nice solution. I will make a beta test with few real users just to have feedback

The other problem I see is confusion between groups and circles

That would be fine to use mood with just groups.

What is the difference between groups and circles ?

  • Groups is managed by admin only
  • Circles by everyone ?

In my configuration I should create groups with groups folder and circle
circle should have the same users than groups But when you share files, you have two times
let’s name aaa my group and aaa circle

You can share with aaa group or aaa circle. --> that is confusing

I also need a blog.
The blog can work with files and include the links of the files.
This blog post should be a news source and may contain a description of the file.
Also make a comment.
I tested the circles, moods, activities. These are not compatible for me.

Did you read about Pico CMS?

Nextcloud Introduces Easy Website Builder for Education Edition with PicoCMS

sorry for being so late…
Anyway I think you were right in the differences between groups and circles.

Did you solve in any way the issue? It could be interesting to read about your choices