How to use Memories

I can’t get the Memories app to work.
I’m using the latest AIO stable release. I set the root folder to where I have photos stored and nothing happens.

I went to the Memories Github and it says that for those using Docker, I should run the command:
“docker exec -it my_nc_container php occ memories:video-setup

But this yields rubbish, so I went to the AIO GitHub and modified the command.

These are the results of my attempts:

Someone please type the command this noob should input so I can copy/paste it.

Hi, here is how to run occ commands in AIO:

This time it clicked in my brain. Thanks. Memories is up and running.

Is there a way to stop Memories from tagging my pictures?
It’s a hilarious mess of tags.

I don’t know. Please ask e.g. here: Issues · pulsejet/memories · GitHub