How to use extra storage?

I’m using Digital Ocean’s new volumes feature (pretty awesome). I’ve added a volume, but I’d like to know how to enable this extra storage in owncloud (adding it as “local” under external storage didn’t seem to do the trick).

Nah… I would not use DO’s Block Storage as External Storage. It is meant to be mounted on your droplet - and then you can hang the block storage as filesystem into the path of your nextcloud’s data :wink:

You will find some help here:

If you need more assistance, feel free to ask us :sun_with_face:

Lol, I know it is meant to be mounted in the droplet. I just need to know how to get Nextcloud to use it.

So, basically, how do I add to the path of Nextcloud’s data? (Yes, I am a little lazy (actually, just very busy, so haven’t looked it up)).

Okay, here’s what I need to know.

How do I tell Nextcloud to use the block storage device as if it were part of the “pool” of available space?

I don’t want to create folder for this, I just want nextcloud to basically store data here when it needs more room. Is this possible?

@rolandixor, a DO admin provided someone some great help that should walk you through how to do this:

Please let us know your experience.

Maybe someone in the community can help create a DO user script that automatically installs NextCloud with a block storage of XX size. They are discussing easy solutions in this thread.

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