How to use Calendar app with Nextcloud 12?

Hey, I just installed NextCloud 12 and configured it (memcache etc.).

  • Nextcloud 12.0.3

Now, I’d like to sync my iOS-calendars with nextcloud or create a new calendar in nextcloud and subscribe to it on my mobile device.

Sounds simple, but I have no idea how to install the official Calendar-app for Nextcloud 12. In its documentation / admin manual Nextcloud Manual it says that both apps (Calendar and Contacts) need to be enabled first.
But when I navigate to “Apps” on my nextcloud homepage, it says that there are no apps available for my current version. There are only 5 deactivated apps, such like “Auditing/Logging”, “Default Encryption module”, “External storage support”, “External user support (what is that?)” and “LDAP user and group backend” .

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Normally, your Nextcloud connects to the app store and offers your available apps. Depending on your configuration (Firewall?), this might be not possible. If you don’t want to allow internet access, you can download them manually from and unpack them in the apps-folder.

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Hmm, there is no “AppStore”-label or button anywhere on the site (attached image).

Is there a specific port that nextcloud is using for this?

I have the same problem here.

Strange enough - I can’t see an errors in the log file linked to this.

My nextcloud is accessible from the internet. Are there specific ports to be opened for the appstore ?

Ok, I just checked my setup as well. There is perhaps an issue with the server.

any known problems? @jospoortvliet @BernhardPosselt

Same problem here on a fresh-installed NextCloudPi with Nextcloud 12.0.3 incl. all updates.
This supports your idea of a server issue.
App-Pakete (German) = App-Packages only shows Firmenpaket = Enterprise Package and Bildungsausgabe = Education Edition. Are they handled differently in the background?
Everthing else, i.e. Apps Contacts, Calendar, Mail, …, I had on my Ubuntu 16.04 based server last week is missing.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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So I’ve been fighting with this for about two hours and I’m having the same problem. I started looking at how the app store works and where it caches files and found the entries for apps.json and categories.json in the DB. Looking into this further it looks like these are generated from calls made to

When I try to access either one of these directly (replacing %d.%d.%d with 12.0.3) I get a service unavailable messages from the web server.

I’m brand new (started playing with it last night) to nextcloud so this is just a guess.

Pretty strange. I tried downloading calendar manually and moving it into the apps directory, that worked, but doesn’t seem to be a final solution.
There are also no errors in my log (@mwid)

I’m fixed now and I can pull up the categories link i posted earlier.

perfect. yes … i guess the link was just broken. (I remember now that it did work earlier on with version 12.0.2)

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For me everything is working fine again, without any further action from my side.
So I suppose a nice guy from the Nextcloud team fixed the sever(?) problem on Nextcloud side.
Thanks a lot!
Benefit for me:
a) Now I know how to install apps manually to /var/www/nextcloud/apps in my NextCloudPi
b) I appreciate much more to have such an easy way to install apps via Admin > Settings > + Apps
Excellent feature.

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Just in case it helps you:
This is how it looks normally / by default - which it does now again.

Same here, everything is working now. Thanks a lot for the very fast fix! :ok_hand::+1:

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