How to use App's on the Phone?

this question might sound a bit strange, but i’ll try to explain it:

How can i use any Nextcloud app without a browser ?

i.e. Musik or Weather ?

You can use the apps you have installed in nexcloud only in the browser…

But there are beside the nextcloud app some other native android or iOs apps in the playstores.

Afaik there are no native apps for nc-music or -weather…

Well, in my opinion it would make sense to have this all combined in
one “nextcloud app” i dont’ want to search for an app in playstore or apple store that might work with nextcloud.
and phoneuser dont like to use a browser to access thier data on this way. at least those i know.

there are two ways.
1st is to build a native app, like they exist p.e. for Files, Bookmarks, Talk, Deck. Notes. This makes much work an has to be maintenanced seperately.

2nd is to use a webview. But thats nothing other then running nextcloud in a browser on the phone…

If you do not want pay for apps you normally only use one or two apps:

a.) the normal “nextcloud” app (files, …)

b.) the “nextcloud talk” app (if you use talk)

You forget davx5, bookmarks, talk, news…

I think you can not use all Nextcloud Apps in a Smartphone App.
Or do you use for this help-forum also an app? I think not.

Perhaps you can use Nextcloud in a browser on your smartphone.

For Music i use Ultrasonic with the included subsonic (its in the settings of the music neXTloud app) or Cloudbeats. The app need a long time for initial scan. So at the moment i preferred Ultasonic. Both are in Google Play or FDriod

Yes, I do. But it’s not public

But I was not the questioner on this forum…