How to use Android Phonetrack to track device without logging in


On a first glance subject may mislead that I want to do something unsupported but…
I have NC instance, me and kids have accounts. What I want to do is to:

  1. Have a session created by me on my NC account, lets call it “kids”, - that’s done.
  2. Each child device to log their position into that mine session, important - using Android Phonetrack app installed on their phones.

So I acknowledge that each child can log in in Android Phonetrack and create session and share with me. But this is not what I want. I want their device to log positions to my session. That could be done using other app like GPSlogger but how to achieve that using Phonetrack on their phones, without logging in to NC instance with their or mine! credentials?
I simply insist on using phonetrack app so they don’t need any other and because phonetrack on android can be very gentle on battery usage.
So in NC phonetrack I created session “kids” and under “Links for app registration” I see plenty of links and phonetrack’s “Session token” but how to use that on kids phone so each of their device will start logging its position data there?
@eneiluj , help :slight_smile:

So on freshly installed Phonetrack on Android - without any credentials configured, you can do that by manually filling up all the details. But that’s not fun with long session token. I was thinking that maybe there is option of making Android Phonetrack to scan that QR code presented on NC phonetrack but looks like Android Phonetrack does not get it.
App itself does not have option of scanning QR code - that would be perfect to have!
And using any QR code scanner and sharing code output as text with phonetrack app simply opens new logging session with defaults, means does not fill up any details. Maybe here is some bug?
Anyway, feature of having Android Phonetrack scanning QR code inside app would be best approach imo.