How to use Activities for shared file downloads?

I am using NC 14.0.3
Just download and enable Activities for shared file downloads 1.3.0

Cannot find the “Activities” page (the one on intro page) on webui.
Cannot find the A local shared file or folder was downloaded setting on the personal page neither.

Did I miss something?

Thanks for your help


Actually, if the app it’s running fine, you find the settings for
[ ] public or via mail shared file or folder was downloaded
[ ] local shared file or folder was downloaded

in your User Settings in the category “Activities”. So click:

  • your profile picture in the top right corner
  • Settings
  • Activities in the left vertical navigation pane

I hope it helps.

Thank you for your reply. The problem is I don’t see “Activities” there in

Just did an integrity check and something is wrong. Not sure but seems like they are related. Investigating what happen.

Integrity check problem should be a false alarm.
And, I didn’t have “Activity” on left vertical navigation pane because I had disabled the “official Activity” months ago, and totally forget. :sweat_smile:

Would like to know if the “Activities for shared file downloads” from <Store> is an extension OR an old-version of the “Activity” from <Official> ? Any benefit/harm to install both?

It is an extension. So you need both apps and profit from the ability to define about which activities you want to be informed either via stream or via email (well, or even both).

I have download & enable, disable & remove this extension couple of time. Through-out the process, I run another ssh session to the NC server, check by the bash command “top” on those php-cgi process to ensure each “click on webui” is completed before proceed. I find that the only difference between having and have not this extension is the line

A local shared file or folder was download

on the page where I select via stream or via email. Is it normal?

Secondly, I have mounted a local folder via the External Storage at “Settings > Administration > External Storages”, seems that activities happen on this folder are not monitored by <Activity>. Is it normal?

Thanks in advance for your patient. :blush: