¿How to upgrade/migrate the SQL Database (5.7.41-log => 8.0+)?

Hi, I’ve been using NextCloud for many years. Now, I’m at 140+ Gb and at version Hub 4 (26.0.2) on a shared IONOS webspace Pro (unlimited space :wink:).

Everything seems to be working great as usual, but there is a warning that disturbs me:

“MySQL version “5.7.41-log” is used. Nextcloud 21 and higher do not support this version and require MySQL 8.0 or MariaDB 10.2 or higher.”

I can register a new MySQL 8.0 or MariaDB 10.2 DB in my Ionos Web Interface.

But how can I create the correct DB scheme and copy the relevant data?

Best, Robert

If you’re unable to upgrade the db server itself (which is what it sounds like since it’s semi-outsourced), you should be able to treat it as a backup+restore scenario (database only!). There are several sections in the Admin Manual describing the process (at least from the command line).




Just only do the stuff that is database specific (well, and also put NC into maintenance mode throughout).