How to update UCS app nextcloud?


“Just click ‘Update’. What bad things can happen?” --famous last words

When updating the UCS app from 12.02 to 12.04 our docker image had not just been updated but been replaced by a new image. This resulted in a complete loss of our configuration. I hope it’s understandable that we were very hesitant to update another time after this experience as we had to manually recreate the whole config.

Of course, we only noticed that the old image was still there only after the update worked again.

But what’s the proper way to update this UCS app? I imagine there must be some way to update without all this hassle. We are now 3 majore versions behind, many shiny, new features we are missing. And is NextCloud responsible for this update desaster or is it Univention? Maybe they don’t provide any way to save configs prior an update and restore it afterwards?

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Masin Al-Dujaili
IT Wikimedia Deutschland

hey… this seems to be an interesting question.

have you thought about putting it at UCS’ forum as well?
or maybe you’re gonna find some valuable hints there.

if you’re gonna find a solution pls feel free to share it here with us.

Not yet, but it’ll be my next stop. I thought the nextcloud app for UCS is packaged here.

i think this is true. but i am unsure if the maintainers are reading through the forum quite often

I’ve just been browsing through the threads regarding Nextcloud in the UCS forum. And honestly, Im horrified. Even more than before. So many people ran into dysfunctional installations after upgrade, one even lost all their data. Such things … shouldn’t happen. Never ever. :scream::scream:

i dunno anything about dockers, yet. but i read there’s a command, that would update your docker (and should keep all your data).
maybe it’s NOT smart to just update via installing an updated app, only. that could be the problem.

but again: i’m not into dockers. so there’s a good chance that i am wrong.

anyways; whatever you do, be careful and take backups

Well, it’s not “installing an updated app”. UCS literally offers to update the UCS app. The button says “Update”, not “Install latest version” or similar.

I posted a longer rant over there, now:

i meant exactly that. and from what i knew about your update-problems it looked very much like “update” would actually mean: install updated app. but wells, maybe that was wrong. sorry for that.