How to update PHP (webhosting upgrading to PHP 8.x

Using NC 25.0.2 on a webhosting (
Webhosting still runs PHP 7.4 but wants to upgrade to 8.2…
So I need to upgrade also my PHP config for my NC.
How shall I do this ?
What needs to be done ?
Is it enough to simply put NC into maintenance mode, then change the PHP version on the webhosting, and then put maintenance mode off ?


PHP 8.2 isn’t yet supported for NC v25 :wink: Chekc the admin manual for further information:

Thanks J-Ed, right… then I will upgrade to 8.1.
Still it is unclear to me what needs to be done on my NC instance.

I think yes. Since it’s a webhosting, you won’t be able to customize php configuration parameters anyway.

Hello Devnull,
I tried to do it this way:

  • put NC in maintenance mode
  • change the PHP version in my webhosting admin settings
  • put maintenance off for NC

Well, Nextcloud still work but apparently did not recognize the new PHP version (8.0) according to “Administration settings” / “Overview” or “System”

It will get it when it is changed the right places.
Do you run PHP-FPM or the apache PHP module?

Hi Kerasit,
thanks for your help.

My NC is on a webhosting (, I don’t have access to the PHP module, I can only select the PHP version !

Is there a way to tell nextcloud to “update” its php settings ?