How to update ncp when "Nextcloud is currently down"?

I updated ncp with ncp-config, now Nextcloud isn’t working and trying to update it ncp-config says “Nextcloud is currently down” and just won’t update it. Apache and PHP are working fine, PHP info shows no issues and FreshRSS is running fine after the update. Presumably it’s just the version of Nextcloud is too old to run on the updated system, but how can I fix it if it can’t be updated? Isn’t first updating ncp and then nc the right way to update?

Nextclould after the ncp update:

ncp.log show the same kind of code/encoding gibberish.

This really weird, some kind of encoding issue? In any case, it’s the result of updating ncp with ncp-config.

Welcome but not enough info, maybe run ncp-report and share output via pastebin or similar.

Thanks for the reply.

This is the result of

sudo ncp-report > report.txt
pastebinit report.txt

Running ncp-report directly prints a lot bad-encoding gibbering to the screen, and pastebinit crashed trying to send it. Redirecting to the text file seems to omit this.

The info in your pastebin is still not enough.
We need to know what nextcloud version you updated from and to which version you updated.

There are some things to admire when updatimg.
Always only update one major version, e.g. if you run NC Version 22.x you can only go to 23 and then to 24 and so on.

Also in 26 there was a change of php version, you need to first go to a specific 26.x then to last 26.x and from there to 27.x. Please dont ask me wich exact versions, i just dont remember anymore, but you can find out on the forums…

Probably @OliverV has more info on that…

None. Like I said, the issue is that I can’t update. I updated ncp. After updating ncp, nextcloud won’t run and ncp-config refuses to update it.

I can not imagine hoe updating ncp could break nextcloud, except if it also updated nextcloud.
Do you have backups enabled? If so, can you restore your last nc backup?

What fade means is that updating ncp does not actually update Nextcloud. Ncp is helper scripts as opposed to Nextcloud. They are two different things, with different update processes.

There should be an updater log under /var/www on your data disk with more info. Logs for both nextcloud updater and ncp updater. If you have unattended and automatic updates enabled then Nextcloud and the underlying system should update after ncp.

Ncp is the :4443 webui or commandline ncp-config menu

That’s exactly my question. If ncp-config really doesn’t touch Nextcloud during the update, my only guess is that it updated the system to a version that is no longer compatible with the current version of Nextcloud. This would be fixed by updating Nextcloud to the most recent version, but it refuses to do so unless it already running.

I don’t have backups enabled on ncp, but I have regular backups on my system (with restic), I can restore Nextcloud to a snapshot before the update, but if the ncp update really doesn’t touch Nextcloud, this won’t help. I will try that, of course, but I’m just trying to understand what’s going on. Since my best guess is that the system and the version of Nextcloud installed aren’t compatible, I’d rather find a way to update Nextcloud.

I know, that’s the same thing I’m saying, I didn’t update Nextcloud, I updated ncp through ncp-config, I want to update Nextcloud, but I can’t update it because it won’t run after updating ncp and ncp-config refuses to update it if it’s not running.

This is a new account on the forum, but I’ve been using ncp for years now. I am thankful for the replies, I really am, but you seem to assume I have no idea what I’m talking about, which makes it hard to be helpful.

the only thing i can imagine is that php got updated to a version that your nextcloud version is not compatible with…

however, you need to make nextcloud run again, you are not able to update a non working instnce as the updater process actually runs inside nextcloud itself and it has to make changes to the database, you can not just swap the files.

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An update: after @FadeFx’s explanation that the update runs inside Nextcloud itself — something I actually didn’t know – I gave up on the idea of simply updating Nexcloud. I checked the files in the nextcloud folder, and multiple files were actually corrupted with that badly encoded gibberish. It wasn’t an issue with PHP or anything like that, the actual files were corrupted. This could only have been caused by the ncp update. Nexcloud was running without issues before, and wouldn’t start after.

In any case, I restored the nextcloud folder to a snapshot from before the update, and after clearing opcache it was running fine. I could then update Nextcloud and I’m now in the most recent version. It seems everything is fine.

If your installatiin is on an SD card, id suggest to make a copy ot that, it may break and what you saw was probably the first signs of it.