How to uninstall & purge deck from nextcloud

Deck seems to be an amazing app to complement our current usage of nextcloud, we’ve tested in our testing instance very satisfactory.

But before moving to production we would like to ensure how to completely remove it in case we need to perform that operation. We’ve havent’ see anything about this topic. Can someone point us about it?

I’ve been doing some testing about how can this be achieved with a more-or-less satisfactory results.

I’ve documented in this ticket issue trying to help developers on standardizing this method. Maybe others can find it usefull

Finally achieved:

  1. Disable deck app (from UI)
  2. Remove app (from UI). Code disappears from Nextcloud installation, data remains in DB
  3. Drop deck related tables, configs and migrations:
drop table if exists oc_deck_assigned_labels, oc_deck_labels, oc_deck_attachment, oc_deck_assigned_users, oc_deck_cards, oc_deck_board_acl, oc_deck_stacks, oc_deck_boards;
delete from oc_appconfig where appid= 'deck';
delete from oc_migrations where app = 'deck';

It would be nice to implement a function for purge data from removed Nextcloud apps. There are some issues.

Controllers should also implement mechanisms to ensure that personal data is not processed unless necessary for each specific purpose. This is known as data minimisation.

GDPR (Wikipedia)