How to troubleshoot a massive deletion?

Dear Forum,
I’m sorry, I’m not able to find anything related to my case using deletion search key, only unrelated results

My Nextcloud version is 18.04

All the Nextcloud instruments like Thrash or Activities could be of great help in case of a single file accident, near in time. But with full tree deletion are not to so much useful.

What do you suggest best for:

  • achieving where and when the problem has started
  • undelete entire folder trees

Thousands of Thanks

The deletion was ignited by a freeze like PC. The Ubuntu PC GUI was freeze but the Nextcloud client, was running in the background without being able to access the mount point containing its data…
This has ignited my disaster.

I wonder if the client could be “conscious” about the difference of some willed deletion and a missing mount point.

Then I would like to get multiple selection possible in the trash bin like in the rest of NEXTCLOUD Web interface.


After the manual restore from the trash bin (clicking on the single objects one by one…), this is an example of the resulting mess-up …

AvastCloud ‘Nuova cartella’
‘AvastCloud (restored)’ ‘Nuova cartella (restored)’
BackupConfigurazioniCondiviso ‘pistoiademo testbed.pdf’
‘BackupConfigurazioniCondiviso (restored)’ Preventivi
BackupConfigurazioniDispositivi ‘Preventivi (restored)’
Benchmarks ‘Preventivo videosorveglianza via Marrucini aggiornamento.pdf’
‘Benchmarks (restored)’ ProdottiMSPCloud
BitTorrentSyncUserGuide.pdf ‘Proposta Integrazione dati GPS in ARGOS.docx’
bonifici prova.ods
‘bonifici (restored)’ ‘Rapporto sulle categorie demografiche.csv’
BOOKS rb750GL-qg.pdf
‘BOOKS (restored)’ Recruitment
calcolo-interessi-archimedes-ver1.ods ‘Recruitment (restored)’
‘calcolo-interessi Archimedes.xls’ RMA
Catalistino-Hikvision-PRO-mag-2016.pdf ‘RMA (restored)’
Clienti ‘Schermata da 2015-03-12 11:39:23.png’
‘Clienti (restored)’

A lot of duplicated (restored) folder …

Now, this post basically is a monologue where I’m putting questions and then answer to myself :smiley:

The next question is, what is the best strategy to sort out “…(sorted)” folders data?