How to trigger a resynchronization on nextcloud desktop client (windows) after files were rediscovered using occ file:scan

Hi there,

I’m running nextcloud 28.0.3. and latest nextcloud desktop client.

after a server migration, I had to run occ file:scan briefly now to restore some of the files on the server. They are visible and accessible through the web interface now.
The only problem that remains is that the desktop client doesnt detect these files as new files and doesnt sync them to the nextcloud local folder, how can I trigger a complete rescan and sync to the server?


given the fact you had to run occ files:scan I think you didn’t migrate the server right… In such situation the client database doesn’t match the server. I would recommend you remove you user form the client and setup it from scratch. the client will start and sync all the files from the server.

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How precisely did you migrate?

Did you follow the officially documented approach or some other one?

apart from the guys commenting before (they are prolly right, no doubt) I just wanted to answer your question.

Delete your old account from desktop-client and make a new one. After that file-scanning would start anew.

BTW: I really like your nickname :wink: