How to test NC 10RC1 update with updater app?

My current test setup is on NC 9.0.53. I’d like to test to upgrade to NC 10RC using the updater app. I already put the new updater.server.url into my config/config.php (Test our new work-in-progress upgrader script).

Now in the admin menu, I switch my release channel to beta. I reload the page, log out and log in again but it doesn’t show a new update (if I go on the info-symbol it shows me that it checked the status recently). Now I’m really wondering why it doesn’t show any update on the beta channel. If you didn’t put the release candidate, then I would expect that there is at least the beta version but this was already released a month ago (

What is the status of the updater app? Is this feature scheduled for NC 10 or later? Did you abandon it? @jospoortvliet @LukasReschke

edit: query used to check for updates is:
In my browser or via curl, an empty xml-file is delivered (status code: 200, content-length=0).
But the response from 9.0.52 is not different:
curl -v -A “Nextcloud Updater”

Yeah, this is because we don’t have the updater enabled. In 10, we don’t trust the updater to be flawless. For 11, we’re writing a new one which should be safe. There’s a testing thread about it… Our idea is to release that one in the app store and it can be used for upgrading from 9 to 10 and 10 to 11.

So, the installer breaks if you have ‘shell_exec’ disabled in your PHP security settings (and, for security reasons, you should).

The new updater under Test our new work-in-progress upgrader script will be updated to Nextcloud 10 next week and can then get some further testing.

What about being really opensource and let everybody decide to update on own risk if he wants to? Now it does feel more likely as you´re not allowed to do what you want with your own installation.

And the other thread mentioned has the status “waste of time reading it” right now because all things mentioned there do not work (everybody is allowed to prove me being wrong). Many people over there criticized that aleready and nobody seems to care at all.

well, you ARE allowed to do whatever you want, including breaking your installation, we just don’t break your installation for you… We could indeed put a big fat warning in the installer “this might break your installation, better do it manually” but then wouldn’t people say “why do you give me a tool that you know is broken?”

You can update but you have to do it manually to be sure it works, that is it right now…

Ok, that sucks and I’m sorry for that. And I know why - one developer is on holiday (morris) and the other (lukas) is doing about 26 other things. Sorry, this will take some time - unless somebody else steps in we have to wait until the ppl who wrote this new updater have time again to work on it. As I said - next week, hopefully.