How to temporarily make the server trust webdav local files?

I accidentally deleted the data disk…
Sadly, zfs2 seems unable to recover
Fortunately, I used WebDAV on the desktop,
I now want to recover the server data based on the user’s local data
Overwrite files that are mistakenly thought to exist in the database
I hope I can recover some files through WebDAV on the desktop.
Because I made a serious work mistake, I don’t dare to resynchronize one client by one :nauseated_face:
Is there any way to make a setting?

if you have access to the server you can

  1. copy the files into server’s file system using SCP or other technology you know
  2. assign correct file permissions
  3. run occ files:scan

and it should be OK. take a look at restore manual as you only lost files focus on this step…

thank you.
Is there any way for the server to use the command to automatically re read WebDAV local files?
Or write a script to run on the client to automatically force the transfer of locally saved files to the server

there is no such thing like “local WebDAV files”. WebDAV is a network protocol which is offered by (healthy) Nextcloud application. The application itself stores the files within local files system (just ignore remote and object storage etc for the sake of simplicity).

But in case your application is broken you need to bypass the application and access the storage directly - depending on your system and skills multiple ways are possible - choose the one you are most comfortable with and store the copy of your client’s files there, set permission and run the scan command to verify/correct database to storage relations… (make a backup of the DB just in case any issues arise)…