How to synchronize my Laptop with my Nextcloud server, without downloading teh data to my Laptop

I’m working with some TB of data every day. My laptop on the go is always overloaded in a few minutes because my storage space is full. This happens because the synchronizer downloads and copies everything to my laptop. What I want to do is create a folder where I can drag and drop the data. I want to upload everything to my server quickly but not download it to my laptop. Is that somehow possible? If I then want to access the data, the best thing to do is to use the Microsoft explorer without downloading the data. Do you know One Drive for Windwos? That’s exactly what I want to do.

The client can’t do this right now. You could sync just a specific folder on your laptop and sync only current work.
There is other software that can do this, e.g. mountain duck, net drive, …

You could mount your Nextcloud as a local drive through webdav. That would give you access without syncing.

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