How to sync contacts from external cardDAV server


So Nextcloud comes with an own cardDAV/calDAV server. That’s great! But what if I have an external cardDAV server, and I would like to have those contacts in Nextcloud contacts app? Ideally with two-way sync of course.

The situation that my webmailer allows to share contacts via cardDAV from their server, but not sync-import via cardDAV from another server so I cannot sync the webmailer with my nextcloud.

Slightly similar topic Sync nextcloud addressbook with fritzbox it looks like at the moment, you have to hack it yourself, which I can’t =/

Any ideas, comments?

This is not related to the contacts app as we’re just reading our cardav server and providing an interface for it.
Moving to server :slight_smile:

My guess would go to using a sync tool between the two servers.

Thanks ;+)