How to sync/connect Nextcloud calendar with Google calendar continuously?

Hi there,
How to sync/connect Nextcloud calendar with Google calendar continuously? I searched the existing topics, but none seem to answer my question. So let me explain what I even mean by that.

I use a video conferencing app called 8x8 meet (based on Jitsi meet) for meetings with my clients. This app provides integration with Google calendar and other proprietary silos like MS through a web-service called . This service declares on their website that supporting the open caldav standard is not easy and therefore they do not even try: CalDAV and the Cronofy API | Cronofy Blog

Having that said, I rely on the app (8x8 meet) and would like to use the calendar integration. After bothered 8x8, Jitsi, Cronofy about the topic without any success my pain is high enough to consider a workaround instead of the native implementation.
The idea of the workaround being:

  • Since I cannot connect my caldav calendar to 8x8 meet I want to use a supported google calendar

  • Iโ€™m running my calendar from nextcloud and update through it

  • I want to connect the nextcloud calendar with google calendar so that the actual google calendar is always updated from my caldav calendar.

  • So I basically use Google calendar only as a sort of bridge between Nextcloud and this 8x8 meet app.

  • any changes in the Nextcloud calendar should automatically and immediately be reflected in google calendar and vise versa.

Hope my issue is understood. Sorry for the lengthy explanation.

I think searching for โ€œvdirsyncerโ€ will provide the requested information, like e.g.: