How to support development of Nextcloud and it's environment financially - Alternative to bountysource


as explained in the following thread, bountysource shouldn’t be used any more:

Although the concept of bounties might have it’s challenges, I think it’s important to give the community and smaller enterprises a possibility to support the implementation of features and getting bugs fixed by combining financial efforts.

In order to achieve some impact it would be good to chose the platform wisely so I suppose we should discuss it here.

Do you got ideas on where and how to manage this? Experiences with alternative platforms?



It’s a fairly long read but these guys go into all the models;

Personally I think is a good alternative.


issuehunt is a good one. Not sure how people here feel about ETH coins as payment (Has a USD options as well… I think, or do they just display USD equivalent?), but can check out

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I was recommended which, among others support a bounty program. FOSS platform and used by quite some known organisations. I was thinking to move over as well but would be nice to hear some feedback from people who use it already.


It’s fascinating how they think they should get a payday when their platform fails to deliver.

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I’m personally against implementing a bounty program, but I would still like to see a way to support volunteer maintainers.

OpenCollective is a very good platform in my opinion as it allows funds and foundations to support smaller projects with big one-time donations from corporations. It also is well suited to manage a group of collaborators.

One idea as an alternative to a bounty program would be to create a Nextcloud volunteer organisation on OpenCollective and devise a way to split the money among the members (maybe via a voting system of some selection of community members?)


Any further plans or goals for moving this forward? I see bountysource is still very much listed in regards to Nextcloud projects on Github. If there is an alternative, perhaps a community attempt can be made to move to the new system (this is not about the diversity initiative, but rather supporting existing devs and apps for already existing bounties that have not yet changed).

I remember that someone once wrote that it’s just too much work to get rid of all the bountysource links…

To create a link: the following topic is related

And I guess, that the experience showed, that bug/feature based donations are not the best option regarding the integration and continuous support, so I think we should focus on ongoing financial support.

Devs already decided to refocus these funds on their diversity program. Cannot find the link, but that is what they stated.

Also, this comes to my mind


I understand that contiuous payments make more sense for the project/developers.

But as a user/IT manager there are specific things that bother me, and that don’t get developed unless me and others put bounties on those issues. I think we really need a bountysource alternative.

→ Agree/disagree? Ideas what could replace bountysource?

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When will there be a alternative?

Maybe it’s a fallacy, but it feels like the progress of Nextcloud and the Apps slowed down since the Bounty system got removed.
There are 2 Features i would love to see and i would set a Bounty on.

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