How to submit an Android app to Nextcloud App Store?

How to submit an Android app which tightly integrated with Nextcloud to Nextcloud App Store? Or is it even allowed for individual to do such thing? I do see DavX5 and some others listed there though.

The app store only contains apps for the Nextcloud core. There are no apps for Android or iOS hosted.

I think you are triggered by a wrong assumption that DavX5 would be hosted on the Nextcloud app store. This is not the case.

If you are talking of something different, would you please provide a link?

Do you mean an entry on Just register there and put your Android app in the category Integration.

Of course it’s not actually available and downloadable from there. It’s more like advertisment. You won’t be able to distribute your app there, but you can link to Play Store, F-Droid or whereever you want to.


Thank you Stefan.