How to stop reminders to create Backup Codes


I’ve been using TOTP for some time now and it works.
I don’t need Backup Codes because I’m the admin of the server that’s hosting NC. So in case TOTP is broken I just delete the app/folder and start repairing it.

That’s why I’d really like those constant reminders via push notifications and such to create Backup Codes to stop.

Could you please add some kind of option or setting (even if it’s in the config.php) to silence those backup code reminders for good? Thank you so much.


Backup codes are an essential components in the case of loosing access to Nextcloud. Instead of looking for an additional parameter to disable the reminder, I recommend that you create backup codes once and ignore it afterwards if you don’t want to use them - that’s all.


i would like to disable reminders too.
it’s not necessary save backup codes when the admin can disable 2FA on user by command line: How to disable 2 factor authentication on command line? Installed twofactor_email, now Can't login! - #3 by KarlF12

how can we disable this reminders for all?

Hey, if you really want to do this you can do so by running the following commands after every update:

sed -i "/twofactor_backupcodes/d" "$NCPATH"/core/shipped.json 
occ app:disable twofactor_backupcodes 
occ app:remove twofactor_backupcodes

(Of course you need to adjust the commands to fit your setup)

I’ll just chime in here and say… “the admin can fix it” is not a good reason to be irresponsible with one’s account. Be nice to your admins. They usually have too much on their plate already.

Everyone using 2FA should have backup codes so they can fix it themselves if something happens to their phone.

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