How to stop an upgrade


When I received the message to upgrade NC from 16.0.5 to 17, I didn’t find any message of incompatibility with installed apps, so I clicked to upgrade via web.

In the last step, the updater says that some apps are no compatible and that they are going to be deactivated (see the attached screenshot in the bottom, just before the updating button).

I prefer not to update and continue using Deck app. Is it possible to cancel te update at this point? how?

Thank you

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This is curious. I ended the update and Deck app was working.

Are there any bugs with the app compatibility checking? or is this an expected behaviour?

Anyway, I still woul like to know, if possible, how to stop an upgrade/update from that point shown in the screenshot.

Thank you.

The wizard looks fancy but it’s lacking many basic functions such as minor update instead of major. Or the means to cancel an update.

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