How to shutdown NextcloudPi without Risk of data loss

** How to shutdown NextcloudPi without Risk of data loss **

Is there any risk of data loss (database corruption), when I shutdown a NextcloudPi Server the hard way (Power down)?

If yes, what is the graceful and data safe way to shutdown a NextcloudPi Server?

  • just the command ‘sudo shutdown -h’
  • using somehow nextcloud occ command console to put Nextcloud server first in maintance mode prior to shutdown command? If yes how?
  • something else ?

In any computer there is ALWAYS risk of data loss if you just power down, as you already suspect.

The Raspberry Pi is no different, or maybe even worse because doing that is a recipe for SD card corruption.

Always sudo halt

That is enough to orderly shutdown your database, web server and everything else :slight_smile:

Where can I find a manual how to shut down? Probably you don’t just enter “sudo halt” into the mac terminal window );

you can shut down from ncp-web

Uff…after looking the third time I saw the Power-Off-Button in the upper right corner. Neither in your github wiki nor in other forum entries I could find anything about shutting off. Is it ok, when I add that information in the github wiki so that other noobs like me find it earlier?

Actually the power off button doesn’t work. I tried it 3 times in 12 hours but NC and NCP are still running, I don’t dare to change the power plug in order not to destroy the NCP installation again.

Great projekt nachoparker! I would like ti help to make it better understandable for peole like me who just don’t know how to enter “sudo halt” into terminal etc.
I think it was your idea behind the NCP project: to lower the technical barriers in order to empower also noobs to own their bits, right?
All the best, Sebastian


absolutely! that’s how the whole wiki was created. Future users will appreciate that

you got it :wink:

I just tested the shutdown button and it worked for me. Not sure why it wouldn’t for you.

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Sorry. I set up normal full server on Ubuntu and can’t turn Nextcloud server off. Can someone help?

Run sudo shutdown now or sudo poweroff via SSH or press the power button.

You probably misunderstood me. I don’t want to power off whole server. I just want to turn off the Nextcloud.

If your data are valuable, you may need some kind of UPS:
works nice for me. Here is the english documentation:

What exactly do you want to achieve? And how did you install nextcloud?

I want to shut down Nextcloud that’s running on my server. And everything joined to it. I installed it via snap.

So then it should be sudo snap stop nextcloud for you.

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Thank you sooooo much. I couldn’t find how to stop snap packages.