How to share a local folder with a group so that it propagates and syncs?

A bunch of us are working from home and have been collaborating on a project for a few years. We each have loads of relevant documents and files. I thought NextCloud would be a good way to share these files. So I have set it up on a PC and have it available on the 'net and am trying to configure it.

What I want to achieve is for each of us to have a PROJECT folder or directory on each PC (some of us run Windows, some Linux) with all our documents in it.

I’ve tried setting up a Group Folder but on the PCs that says “There are folder that were not synchronised because they are too big or external storages”. I see other people have reported the same problem with Group Folders.

I have tried creating a folder and then sharing the link but that isn’t what I had in mind. I rather expected people could be set up in a group and have access to a shared area automatically.

I want:

  • Anne to be able to save C:\whatever\PROJECT\MyFile.doc and it to appear on everyone else’s PC.
  • Bill to be able to save ~/whatever/PROJECT/MySums.ods and it to appear on everyone else’s PC.
  • me to be able to edit either of those files and they get the changes.

I know how to do this in DropBox and in pCloud. My wife and I have separate accounts but a mutual Shared sub-folder that is kept synchronised on our respective PCs.

How do I make that work in NextCloud?