How to share a folder without sharing a subfolder

Hello guys,
i am currently working on a nextcloud project for my company and i need some of your help.
The problem is that i want to share a folder called “Projects” which has many subfolders “Mission 1” “Mission 2” “Mission 3” etc.
So i shared the “Projects” folder with the “Projects” Group, and now i want to share the “Mission 1” subfolder with the user1 but not with the user2. Same for the subfolder “Mission 2” that i dont want the user1 to see, i only want to share it with the user2.
Can you please help me how to do that ?
ps : sorry for my english, im french

maybe you can use group folders

An other option:
Maybe you can do it with hidden-smb-shares if there is a external server (Windows Server 2012 f.E)
I did it like that.

im on nextcloud 15 debian 9, maybe i should upgrade it to try it, ill reply and explain how i did if it works

Some users have dificulties figuring out how to create sub folders in group folder
So this may help

I found another way how to do it

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HI @USER4553,

Maybe this:

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Hi, thanks to @Rastislav_Karaba, i fixed the problem. Also, i should update to nextcloud 16 and try the @NeptuneUK solution. Thanks you guys

Not permitting useres to enter a folder is something different from not letting them see them.


as I understand, ACLs are only possible within group folders. Wouldnt it be great to use ACLs on “normal” shares as well?

Like: Share Folder X with an external email but adapt some permissions for exact that external login for some subfolders/files.