How to share a folder via web link

as “upload only” AND “modify it”.

I would like to send one group of user an upload only link. And a second group should be able to access the files?

Right now this is OR bur not AND. Or?

Hi Reiner_Nippes,
I think you need something like I used
Group of Users Share folder only for upload and not see all other files .
See the one screenshot from my settings

If you have some question as me.

Hi linuxman,

I would like to create two different share links.
One as ‘file drop’. And the second for ‘download’. But both for anonymous users.

But since I don’t want to create any user or group it’s not possible. Or?

Hi Reiner,
I see in documantation is possible

Hi Linuxman,

yes. But I’m looking for a possibility to share the same folder twice with two different weblinks.

I want to send the first link to a group of people to just upload files (drop in). And the second link to people how can download this files. But none of them has an account in nextcloud.

When you select “Share Link” you can generate one link with one out of three options (drop in, write only, read/write) But you can’t create three links. (for nc13. didn’t check if it’s possilbe with nc14 or nc15)

Hi Reiner,
I not found how make two weblinks.
But you try to make two folders one for download files and one for upload drop it files and synchronise two folders.

Hi Reiner,
You found the way how make 2 weblinks ?

No. I think it’s a feature request.

Your idea about two folders and sync: you mean sync on os level (rsync) or is nextcloud able to keep two folders in sync?

Hi Reiner,
Yes I talk about os level (rsync) 2 folders is the simple way.
But the way with nextclooud keep two folders in sync not bad.