How to share a folder publicly with nextcloud Android app

Hi everyone, i’m totally new here so I’m sorry if my question could’ve been posted in a more accurate categories.

I just installed the nextcloud android app and connected it to a server (cloudamo), now I would like to create a shared folder of wich I could send the link to some friends and they would be able to see the files inside of it, modify them, add new ones and so on, but the app only gives me an option for an internal link, that works if people already have or create a nextcloud account.

Is there no possibility to gives other people access to my shared folder without a step of signing up ?

You can see in the directory listening the sharing symbol for each directory. If you click on the symbol you can click “+” for sharing link. Then you share the link in android e.g. with cut-and-paste, email, … It is similar to the web version. Visit your Nextcloud with a browser on your pc.

Thanks for your reply

I don’t have the “+” symbole, in front of a directory I can only click on a 3 dots symbol, then choose something like “property” (my nextcloud is in french and I can’t change it for english wich bother me…), then “sharing” and the only option is “internal link”. In front of a file I do have a sharing symbol that takes me to the final step with “internal link” as an only option

Here is the result of an internal link :, you can only open it if you are connected

I’ll try on a pc when i’ll have the opportunity, but for the moment I’m stuck with my phone :confused:

Do you not have the sharing-button between “Documents” and the three dots?

And then create public share with “+”.
If not post a screenshot.

Indeed i do not have it between repository and the three dots, and I have it for the simple files (at least images) but it doesn’t gives me the possibilities of creating public share :

I wonder if my hoster could be the reason, I will try with an other

I changed m’y hosting provider and now it works :slight_smile: