How to setup Ubuntu / NC19 / Collabora to route efficiently


I have an NC19 ubuntu 20.04 server that I connect through the local network when at home 192.168.x.x and that has a dynamic DNS address I use when out side for arguments sake.

When I install Collabora via the built in CODE server (yes the easy route) then it will use the path which I logged onto NC admin account ie either 192.168.x.x or

if I use the external name its not great speed so I prefer to use the internal address - here my questions, is there a way to configure it to recognise the origin connection and to correct the route?

ie that built in CODE server knows ah the connection address is 192.168.x.x so code server needs to be findable at that address too?

is there a general way of doing it ? if it does not work with built in, would this work with the Docker image?