How to setup sharepoint backend for Office 365?

It seems that the sharepoint backend added the support for office 365 recently. However, I still couldn’t manage to mount sharepoint in NC, following the config described in this issue

My problem is similar to The green marks showed when I added the storage, but files wouldn’t load when I actually tried to enter the mounted folders.

I am curious about whether there are people using this app and could share some examples in configuring the host etc. I have tried to search for tutorials or documents for this extension/app, but could not even find someone saying they managed to use it. Also, the developers offer no document at all in how to use this app/extension.


Unfortunately, I can only confirm that I also did not manage to get a Sharepoint backend working for Nextcloud. Indeed, some example configurations would be very useful.

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Can anyone confirm they got this to work with Nextcloud 19.x and Sharepoint 365?

I entered in the first field as per the link ( above:

The second field:


where sharepointsitename = the URL sitename (myorg) and sitename=the Sharepoint name

Also tried a lot of variations with out the 'Shared%20Documents/" part to no avail.

Just trying to connect to the new Sharepoint 365 site of my employer. I can access it through the MS sharepoint website of course. But it would be nice to have all folders in one GUI (Nextcloud) together with my personal files.

For some reason beyond my understanding Nextcloud hides the basic documentation required for this integration to work and it clearly is not straightforward for some reason. Not sure why I would need Nextcloud enterprise for this as suggested in one of the threads? Hope someone can provide some information in this dark corner :slight_smile:

Edit: Just found that Sharepoint admin can turn off access via non webbased access:

Perhaps a chat with IT sorts this issue out. Would be good if the API responds with something like, :Access denied, blocked by your local admin"

This is the error in the error log:

Error PHP Error: Trying to get property ‘length’ of non-object at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/sharepoint/vendor/vgrem/php-spo/src/Runtime/Auth/SamlTokenProvider.php#252
5 minutes ago
Error PHP Error: Trying to get property ‘length’ of non-object at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/sharepoint/vendor/vgrem/php-spo/src/Runtime/Auth/SamlTokenProvider.php#245
5 minutes ago
Error PHP Error: DOMDocument::loadXML(): Empty string supplied as input at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/sharepoint/vendor/vgrem/php-spo/src/Runtime/Auth/SamlTokenProvider.php#243
5 minutes ago
Info no app in context External storage not available: