How to setup mail for password reset and notifications?

Hi and sorry if the question has been answered a lot of times already, but I couldn’t really find any tutorial that starts at the VERY beginning.

I only want to setup email functions for password reset and notifications as seen in the wizard when going to settings → basic settings → email server. I have Nextcloud 20 installed on a NextCloudPi.

So, my question is: Can I send emails from the pre-configured or do I need to use one of my own emails with login information? Or could I even easily setup an own email address from my nextcloud domain (got one from ClouDNS)?

Total rookie here, so please bear with me. :smiley:

Doesnt really matter, putting your own email makes more sense.
Dont think there is a ncp tutorial, as ncp comes with postfix preconfigured. So there is nothing to document :wink:
If it doesnt work for some reason, you can try to re-configure it by running:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

I 've found this tutorial useful for general info on the subject.

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Great! I used my own email via SMTP now just to have it working. Will look into the article though, because postfix seems like a better thing to do since I want to have everything coming from my own server. Thanks for the info!