How to set up Session Management in Redis?

I am running two nextcloud 6.0.1 servers. Both are running apache listening on port 80, with HAProxy infront of them with SSL termination.

Current I am using redis for memcaching/file locking, however i would also like to set up redis for session management as well.

It is mentioned in the Deployment Recommendations for Large Enterprises but there seems to be no real info out there on how to accomplish this.

I haven’t seen an option for the config/config.php.

Perhaps you just have to configure it in php, not sure if Nextcloud does it’s own thing:

Either you are expert and you know or you are a big company and you can afford their service :wink: Of course it’s open source and you can share your findings and others can help you.

I was able to set this up, however it did not fix my problem that i was attempting to diagnose with this :frowning: