How to set up Rocket Chat with Nextcloud as External Site - Either iframe login or using OAuth


I’m trying to set up Rocket Chat with Nextcloud as an ‘External site’ and it would be great to either get the supposed ability to login using ‘iframe’ capability, or using the OAuth method.

I’ve looked around for guides to do this and not found much, so have asked in the Rocket Chat forums, but it’s also worth a shot here, if anyone has any experience with this and could walk me through it?

Thank you!


That’s great. Thank you! I’ve got OAuth login working now.

Are there any guides on getting iframe working properly though? This link is too technical and without clear examples for me to grapple an understanding of what clearly needs to be done to accomplish it:

Iframe login would be great, as at the moment, Rocket Chat can only be used as an External Site with redirect set. It does not display from within Nextcloud…

Thanks for your help.

If you are talking about logging into rocket chat from nextcloud using the external sites app.
it can be done without redirect. you may have to adjust your X-Frame-Options to all your nextcloud domain to embed.

I.E for nginx “add_header X-Frame-Options ALLOWALL;”

This is not the best option from a security standpoint but hopefully it gets you on the right track.

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iframe into Nextcloud with External sites app

Add Nextcloud storage into as webdav Settings / Administration / WebDav Integration / [x] Enable

Then browse to Administration / File Uploads

Thanks @just but I have the same issue as I can see on your WebDAV details form fields - they are inactive. Nothing can be entered there.

Settings / Administration / WebDav Integration / [x] Enable
Did this

Good evening @esxpfe @Kaspar_Palgi @Chris_Hillen o all I created a similar topic but nobody seems to answer. The links that are given are no longer accessible and I have a problem because the browser refuses the integrated iframe. Would you have a solution?

More info on the post in question here