How to set up a meeting effectively in Nextcloud

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We’re consistently updating Nextcloud Calendar, a part of Nextcloud Groupware, to be intuitive, easy to use and full of rich features!

In this blog, we’ll go through all the engaging aspects about Nextcloud Calendar, but most importantly, we’ll guide you through how to set up meetings easily and effectively. Let’s get to it!

From the ✨ moment ✨ you open the app, you’re greeted with a visually appealing calendar that can be set by day, week, month, year or even in list form. You can have multiple calendars too, for all your teams and needs – which can be switched to in the left sidebar. It’s so easy to toggle between upcoming weeks and calendars so you can feel at ease when using it.

Scroll through Nextcoud Calendar in week, day, month, year and list form!

How to set up a meeting in Nextcloud Calendar

The simplest way to set up a meeting is to click directly on the date and time you want. Just click on an empty time slot and a pop-up window will appear.

Claim the title you want, adjust the time and specific calendar, add a location and a description about what will happen in the meeting. Next you’ll want to click on ‘More details.’

Here, you’ll be able to customize your meetings and most importantly, add the attendees. Add the users by name if they’re in your instance, by group or by email. If you want to extend an external invite, add the recipients email and they will receive the invitation. They will be able to click on the secure, public Talk link and join the meeting.

In our Nextcloud Hub 8 release, we made it simple to find a time that works for everyone, based on their availability and schedule. Just click ‘Find a time’ and a pop-up box will automatically suggest the next suitable time slot on the attendees availability. Voila!

You can even start a Nextcloud Talk chat here directly by clicking ‘Create Talk room for this event.’ This way, you can already start communication with your team and have the room ready to start the call.

Sound easy? We hope you find it so!

How to set up a meeting or event from Nextcloud Mail

Take the following scenario: You’re checking your emails in Nextcloud Mail and see an email from an important customer. They have several questions and want to set up a meeting asap. You don’t even need to open up your Calendar to set up the meeting because you can do it directly in the Nextcloud Mail app! Just click on:

The ‘3 dots’ icon ➡️ ‘More actions’ ➡️ ‘Create event.’

Automatically, and with the use of AI, a meeting is set up! Feel free to adjust the title, date/time and/or description, however it’s all generated for you. Click ‘Create’ and your meeting is set! Now, give yourself that *much deserved* coffee break! ☕

How to share and manage your Calendars

If you’ve read our blog about how Nextcloud is a single platform that integrates all apps, then you know how intuitive and versatile Nextcloud really is.

You can be in any one of our apps, say Nextcloud Talk, and you can share a calendar with a colleague directly in the chat so they can easily browse upcoming meetings or events, dates and schedules.

In fact, you can embed a whole, interactive calendar in a Text file, Collectives page or Deck card description too! Easily manage your calendar and have it viewable in the spaces its relevant for. And don’t worry, Nextcloud only shows the embedded calendar to users with access, while for others it will remain blank, respecting your right to privacy and control over your data.

Our interactive widgets provide a whole new way to collaborate and work efficiently.

Did you know Nextcloud Calendar has these features?

In our Nextcloud Hub 8 release, we announced some helpful, new features:

  • Default calendar picker for Calendar/CalDAV backend
  • Mail iCloud compatibility
  • Database cluster read/write split readiness for Calendar

All in all, Nextcloud Calendar enables more automation and comfort than ever before. We hope you learned how to properly set up a meeting in your Nextcloud Calendar or from Nextcloud Mail, how to share calendars and more!

Do you have any feedback about Nextcloud Calendar? Want to share your experience? We invite you to submit and share your review!

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