How to set up a calendar for other users?


I am a sysadmin trying to set up a calendar for a group of users which they can access via Thunderbird and Outlook.

The problem I’m facing is that once I create a calendar, it seems tied to my account. This is not optimal since the calendar is supposed to exist independently of my - or any - account (e.g. it should still be accessible if the corresponding account is deleted completely). How do I configure a calendar to be independent of an account?

Suppose I could disconnect the calendar from any account or suppose that’s already how calendars are working internally: How to grant one - or ideally more than one - account administrative rights?

This must be a common scenario but I couldn’t find anything helpful neither in the admin nor the user handbook, so any pointers would be much appreciated.

In general a calendar always need to be owned by someone. So it isn’t possible to create any data unrelated to someone. Once you’ve created a calendar, you can share it with other users and grant e.g. write access etc.

If you don’t want to be the owner of a calendar resource, you can e.g. create a dummy-account which is not actively used by anyother user, but which you use to create calendar resources. If you install the impersonate app you can switch to this account without the need to logout and login every time you need it :wink: