How to set e-mail address with the "Human Readable" sender name

Is it possible to set my cloud sender address in the the way, that it will be sent like “Some Human Readable Name my-cloud@mydomain.tld”?

Currently, the e-mail sender info is split to 2 fields: the “sender address” (without the domain) and the domain itself. The same is in the form on the page “Basic settings” (available to Admin) and also in the “config.php” file.
This setting doesn’t allow to set a sender address in the form of mentioned above, i.e.
“Some Human Readable Name email-account-name@cloud-domain.tld

So is there a way how to set this thing ? I am interested mainly in the calendar app, but is can be useful generally.

Such form (with the “human readable” text) looks much better in the e-mail clients than the “raw” e-mail address. The “Human text” is usually shown instead of the mail address which looks better and allows add more readable data.

In notification emails the name of your Nextcloud instance is used as the sender name, or as you call it, “the human readable name”. You can change the name of your instance under Settings → Administration → Theming

Tank you for response.This is great that the server name is in the (in my case) green ellipse, but I ment this one also in the “sender” fiels in the e-mail client, like it is usual in other cases (see attached images: first is the nextcloud, the other is from other mails). The same I’d expect from Nextcloud. Normally it is done by the e-mail address in the form of “Human Name<>”, but it is not possible to set it in NC.

Here is how it looks like in the mail from nextcloud

Here is usual look from other mail sources