How to set app dependency on another app


I’m developing an app for managing LDAP users via NextCloud panel. This plugin depends on the users_ldap plugin. However, I couldn’t find any hint here [1] on how to set this dependency.

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You cant and its intentional. Just check if its enabled like this

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Could you please point me an example of how to prevent NC of enabling my app if the other app is not present? On your example, it doesnt throw any message or error …

You could use a pre installation hook which can be added in your info.xml. the app store dev docs have an up to date listing on all tags look there :wink: sorry on mobile, hard to link stuff :wink:

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Thanks again for your attention. The list presenting the possible tags at info.xml [1] shows for me no options for pre-installation hook. Neither does the hooks page [2].

Although this is not an urgent feature, please give me some example when you have some time.




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