How to send a group email to the users

Hello Everybody,

I am new in the Nextcloud world, and I need some recommendations in the mailing field.

I do not have any installed apps, and I haven’t tried any methods, so, this is just a theoretical question.

In your system, which is the best way to send emails to multiple users (as BCC). I did it in another system as a forwarder, but I haven’t got any idea, or solution to do the same in Nextcloud.

What should I install, and activate to do it? I separate my users into groups by category, but what’s next?

I am looking forward to read your ideas below in the comments!



Typically you would have a group or distribution list on your email server to do this. It’s not something Nextcloud does as it isn’t a mail server, only an IMAP client.

For what purpose?

I receive sometimes informations or alarms from informatical vulnerables, and I would like inform my users from that. Thats all, not spaming or sg. I have groups, like ceos, or system administrators, and I’d like to separate these messages by interest.

Hi Andras,
I don’t know if I got you right, but - did you tried to easily set a NC-Group as a recipient? That’s the way I usually do it and it works amazingly! Better than any other way I know. For the Mail-App in NC this feature is a real gamechanger. Unfortunately it does not work with circles.

Greetings, virgul.

What do you mean by “recipient”? I created groups, and I manually added my partners into these groups. But how can I send a mail to this group?

Thanks a lot, and have a happy new year :slight_smile:

… I don’t get you … just use the groupname instead of the Recipient-Name - it’s easy and awesome:

Greetings, virgul