How to see user status of all users

We have a team of 10 users all over the world. We use the user status on the dashboard to show what each user is doing. That way we don’t waste time trying to get in touch with someone who isn’t working, available, etc.

The Recent Statuses on the dashboard only shows those that obviously had recently made a change. Is there a way to show all 10 users on the dashboard in some way?

We are running the most current version of NC. It was installed last month.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Not sure if there are already ways to obtain that (in contacts, the talk app, …)

For the dashboard:
You can customize the widgets and check for widgets on the app store. If an app is not available, it can be done. What you are asking does not sound extremely difficult.

The dashboard is part of the main repository, so features and planning of features can be found there. I didn’t go through all the details if there is a request for such a feature:

Thank you. Is there a preferred place to ask if anyone would like to develop this for payment? I would be happy to pay a reasonable amount to get this done.

We have a freelancing section:

Thank you. I appreciate it.