How to see the total size and available size in nextcloud

Is there any way to check the size available in nextcloud?

Nextcloud is actually only limited by the datadirectory:

  'datadirectory' => '/path/to/nextcloud/data',

But that is not really correct. Other data e.g. apps and backups also stored there. The storage area can also be expanded with external storage media. When using object memory, the memory is practically infinite. If you use e.g. Amazon S3 then you can’t put new data there as fast as Amazon puts new disks in.

Use linux tools to find out the free and used space of /path/to/nextcloud/data.
Use quota for every user so that users can also clean up sometimes.

Thanks, I think setting quota is the best way to go.

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the size available is shown in settings β†’ system

to check on the command line you can use
du -h -d 0 /var/www/nextcloud
where you can change /var/www/nextcloud is the directory you like to know the size of.

df -h
to check all availble disks with there sizes and free space.

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Thanks a lot!