How to see profile of other users


when I go to my user profile in a nextcloud instance I can enter a telephone number and choose to show it to “locale” people.

But I really do not understand how I can look at other peoples profiles to see there informations like telephone number or address. I can search for the names on the upper right corner by clicking on the user icon, but once I found a contact I can only click on the talk or mail icon, but not on the profile itself.

What would be able to see a profile and the informations that the user has provided?

I am also wondering how it is possible, to look at the profile of other users. I managed to do it manually by entering the URL ( However, I am not able to search for a user via the Nextcloud interface. Even though sharing settings like autocompletion for usernames are enabled in the admin settings, and thus it is possible to search for users via the sharing of files dialog and afterwards enter the name manually in the URL. But this is a strange workaround if you simply want to look at a profile.

Thanks for any clarification :slight_smile: