How to see full name of folders at mobile?

Some of may folders have a large name. So large that a can’t read it all at mobile, neither at landscape mode.

Is there a way to reduce font size or display full name?

See how it appears to me at nextcloud app:

The three first folder are diferent and a need to see their full names to identify each one.

At the firefox app, tha same problem.

You can reduce the font size in your global android settings (this will affect all apps).

For a quick shot you can also attempt to rename one of the folders, a dialog with an input field will appear and you will be able to distinguish the folders.

Maybe rotate the device into landscape mode?
This should reveal more of the folder name…

Apparently not enough. Well, i don’t think there is a general solution UX wise in such kind of a list view which scales infinitely - decreasing the font size will also work only up to a fixed amount of characters.
I think there are two solutions technically

  1. Make the text marquee - scroll it (horrible, please don’t do that :laughing: )
  2. Provide the full name in the details (three dot-menu), multiple lines if necessary. Might be a compromise, i think it is currently also limited to one line in the details.

All in all, i think it’s kind of a edge case that the names are similar and so long, that they aren’t even readable in the landscape mode and in my humble opinion i would suggest to simply use the “Rename” action to distinguish them quickly.