How to see bandwidth use on my nextcloud server?

How to see bandwidth use on my nextcloud server ?

Nextcloud is an application which provides a service to users and not an OS, therefore you cannot see or control bandwidth from within the app. Nevertheless there are sone stats available under “Settings → Management → System”, like e.g. load, memory, storage etc.

You could use an external service such as Grafana or Matomo for monitoring.


Bandwidth usage is viewed within the OS, for example, you can use apps like vnstat to view your usage.


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ok thanks, I was thinking instead of putty or remote logging I could login to the nextcloud and see it similar to the other stats for memory and load etc.


That feature doesn’t exist yet, but I agree with you on this. I too would have loved to see NextCloud showing the data usage / bandwidth usage stats.


You can plug your custom data into the Analytics app.

Monitoring makes sense in an external tool, since it is complex and if Nextcloud is having a problem… you’ll want a separate service to remain online and tell you what is wrong in gory detail.

Matomo / Piwiki app is a popular analytics choice for monitoring your Nextcloud remotely using Matomo.
Prometheus is a top notch monitoring app, which displays beautiful grafana data.
Glances is an insanely good commandline tool. Can you be run client/server between your remote Nextcloud and your local pc. Supports containers, bandwidth, and everything else you can throw at it. Looks just like basic top/htop, but vastly more full featured. Restful api, optional webui, exports to any system you can imagine. This is my recommendation. Just figure out how to send it’s info back to the analytics app and/or track it directly from the glances app.