How to run latest code (or nightlies) on production server

Hi all, I’ve been using Nextcloud to share files with a remotely distributed team, and now I’m using Deck to manage project (mechanical, hardware and firmware). So far the team loves it.

I’m wondering if I should be using latest Deck code instead of releases on my production server (the site follows the stable update channel). How fast is development moving compared to making releases? Is is safe to assume my Nextcloud site in general can’t be compromised by a bug in Deck?

I see I can either pull from Github or use a Deck nightly tarball. If I use a nightly tarball, do I simply overwrite the files in the existing …nextcloud/apps/deck/, or delete the existing directory and replace it from the nightly? Do I need to restart the server afterwards, or do anything else?

Also, will using a nightly (or pull from Github) affect updating apps from within Nextcloud? For example, once I update Deck using a nightly tarball or pull from Github, must I NEVER update again from within Nextcloud? What if I want someday to use releases again? Can I wait until the next release, and then stop using nightlies or Github?