How to restrict Google Social Login to registered users?

Hi !
I have installed the Social Login app on my Nextcloud 18.0.4.
Anybody with a Google account can now register through his identifiers, it works.
Now, I want to restrict access to pre-registered users, so I disabled the automatic creation of new users, and now I must first register them : this means I must know which user name Google provides to Nextcloud. That’s where I got stuck.

I have tried various possibilities, like, John, etc., all of them where rejected.
That’s until the server sent me yesterday a notice that user “google-XXXX” had tried to login, so I tried this user name and it worked.

My question is : where do I ask a Gmail user to look in his account for this ID “google-xyz” so that I can pre-register him ? I can’t find this info.

2 remarks :

  • the app Social Login should just accept gmail addresses as user names.
  • the weird part is that today my Nextcloud doesn’t send me Google login failures anymore.

I suspect this is not actually found on Google, and rather this is something the app does to distinguish user names that came from a particular social platform.

What did this user name actually look like?

Not all gmail addresses are, so it wouldn’t necessarily know that they are Google logins.

Hi Karl, thanks for the answer !

When the gmail user tries to register through Google, the Nextcloud log shows “login failed: (Remote IP: …)”.
So the Social Login app knows the email address trying to register, but still, if I pre-register this user with his email address, he won’t be able to login.

Any news on that? I have exactly the same question…
I’ve set up google sso and it works great but how can I preregister an account???