How to restore nextcloud folder and data?

Operating system and version: Ubuntu Core running on Raspberry pi 3b+

Hi, I need help.
I had installed nextcloud on a small 32gb sd memory, I found myself with all the busy space, so I had to take all the contents of the /common/nextcloud folder, which contained the data and tmp folders, move them to a hdd, install nextcloud on a 128gb sd memory and I would like to move the content back inside the new sd.
What’s the matter?
If I move the content from the hdd in the folder /common/nextcloud of memory sd from 128 gb, when I go to see on the website the content, it shows no image and no file.
How could I solve this problem?

have you also copied or created .ocdata file?

this hidden file is required and should excist in the root of your data folder.

yes, in my backup of nextcloud, in /nextcloud/data, i have .ocdata file.

can you supply a more detailed description of the error you encounter

error logs / nextcloud.log

config.php contents

how have you copied the files.?
are the permissions set correctly?
your not using fat fat32 exfat ntfs filesystem.

Please read backup and restore. Maybe some parts are useful for you.