How to restore backup (without data) and re-connnect existing btrfs partition

Hi there,

I’ve crashed my ncp installation, so I needed to flashed my PI with a new installation. I still have my main data stored on an external HDD (btrfs) and a backup of the previous ncp database.

My previous installation had the data dir configured and mounted under /media/A (btrfs) my backup is on a second HDD previously mounted under /media/B

I want to be sure about the correct procedure.

Should I first manually mount my HDD under the same label “A” again and proceed with nc-restore?

Will the auto-mount setting from the backup work afterwards as before?

I am looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you and greetings from Würzburg

No risk, no fun :upside_down_face:. I just did it that way and it worked.

  1. mount /media/A and /media/B
  2. ran nc-restore with the backup from /media/B
  3. reestablish automount

Everything is back on track.

Thanks anyway!