How to restart elasticsearch docker container in VM?

NextCloud 20.0.2

The main problem is that the elasticsearch docker container is not reachable anymore.
occ elasticsearch:index tells me “No alive nodes found in your cluster”.

How can I restart the elasticsearch docker container? Must be in some startup/boot script.
There is a lot going on on that NC server at the moment, and I can’t reboot right now.

I have two instances of the VM running.
One was an image I downloaded from Daniel Hansson’s website. The other (for app development) was installed by Daniel (@enoch85) himself with the script.

One difference I now notice is that the scripted install has a docker container “watchtower” which apparently has updated the image ark74/nc_fts and restarted the container.

This obviously did not happen on the VM image version, as there is no watchtower running.

Anyone could tell me what I should do?

Do I have to reboot in any case?



Just reinstall with the built in menu script and it will work. Just tested.

cc @szaimen FYI

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So simple :slight_smile:

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